How often should I post on Social Media?

Buffer led an investigation that addressed this inquiry definitely:

Twitter – 3 times each day. Commitment diminishes somewhat after the third tweet.

Facebook – 2 times each day, at most. 2x every day is the level before likes and remarks start to drop off drastically.

LinkedIn – 1 time for every day. 20 posts for each month (1x for every weekday) enables you to achieve 60 percent of your crowd.

Google+ – 3 times each day and the all the more frequently you post, the greater action you’ll get. There is a positive connection amongst’s recurrence and commitment. When posting recurrence diminishes, the activity may drop to up to half.

Pinterest – 5x every day, or more. For Pinterest, the more you post the higher the development is.

Instagram – 1.5 times each day, or more. Real brands post a normal of 1.5 times each day to Instagram. Be that as it may, there’s no drop-off in commitment for posting more, in the event that you can do it.

Blog – 2x every week. Organizations that expansion blogging from 3-5X/month to 6-8X/month twofold their leads.

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