Discovered: Why Your Business Not Making A Dime On Social Media

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Making money on Social Media can only come through ADVERT. You are shocked!

Secret many business owners wouldn’t reveal to you.

They always want the lion share and keep you not only in the dark but in the struggle. Every business you see today are successful because of ADVERT. If you don’t believe this, let’s give you an instant. How do you come across this post? Stop Guessing…Let save you the time. You come across this post because we did a sponsored Ad on Facebook and Instagram that was targeted to you as our coverage audience.

You should let the world know you are out there. You need them to catch wind of you. You need them to see you. You need them to visit your store or on your site. You need them to purchase from you. You need them to return to purchase more. That implies you ought to advertise. This is the place a lot of entrepreneurs fails to understand the situation. They don’t know how to promote their business legitimately. What do I mean by properly?

A great deal of business advertises on Social Media for various reasons. Indeed, it’s hard to believe, but it’s true. Don’t for a minute think all business advertises for similar reasons. Here is a portion of the reasons why individuals advertise on social media.

1. To Get Moment Results: Deals, Prospects, and Contacts and so forth.

When you put an advert to get a result, you have just a single thing as the main priority. You are expecting those that see your advert to react instantly. No story. With this, when you put an advert, be it on television or in the papers, you are expecting an instant reaction. We should accept you have a business and you set up a Major product and afterward spend Huge cash advancing it.

Unless if you are wasteful, you will need individuals to react to your advert. You will need them to get their telephones to request more details. You will need them to send you messages meaning their interests. You will need them to….

Pay for the product!

That is called coordinate reaction publicizing (direct response advertising).

2. To Make Permeability and Mind Offer

Some business advertises to pick up a mindshare so individuals dependably have them as a top priority and when they require an item like theirs, they would come to them. It is extraordinary as long as possible. For example, Glo pays SuperSport a huge number of dollars so they can have their names on their live sporting event especially Football, Glo isn’t expecting individuals that watch the Live Match to go appropriate out to the Glo Service centers to purchase Glo product…


They are staying to place in your mind with the goal that when you need data or airtime, you will consider them. My concern with this sort of advertising is that it isn’t great on the off chance that you have a little budget plan. For instance, if your whole spending plan is N5,000.

3. Because Everybody Advertises So They Need To

A few people don’t have a thought why they are promoting. Or on the other hand, should we say they have no advertising objective. They began their business and heard (or have constantly heard) that it is normal to advertise so they take out cash to spend on the most alluring promoting medium. Advert officials adore them, so called Social media marketers love them. They are simple preys. Such individuals are not intended to be good to go. They are in an ideal situation landing position, they are just good for making more income or money.

4. Because Their Rivals Are Advertising

Some entrepreneurs don’t have a center. They do everything the opposition is doing. They advertise simply because their rivals are advertising. When they see that their rivals are supporting an online trending program, they begin doing likewise things. Once they see that they are promoting on Instagram, they go there too.

5. To Feel Extremely Cool With Themselves

A few people really promote their business just to feel cool with themselves. They like it when their old companions and associates see their promotion on Facebook or Instagram and call them to disclose to them they are doing admirably. You hear such individuals say things like…

“Did you see that advertisement on Facebook the previous evening? That is our promotion”

“Ensure you have data tomorrow. You will see our pleasant promotion on Instagram”

“Wouldn’t you say our promotion is ridiculously cool?”

Clever, would it say it isn’t?

Since you know the diverse reasons why individuals advertise on social media, you need to choose your own particular thought process. For what reason would you like to advertise? You have to be clear about it because you might think you want to advertise to get instant results but end up advertising to gain visibility and mindshare. This is crucial because your reason for advertising will determine the kind of advertising you will put out there.

The sort of social media advert you will put out there when you are looking for instant responses is different from what you will put out there if you just want visibility.

Give us a chance to enable you out! There is no thought process that is superior to the next. It’s a matter of decision.

We strongly believe the best way to help you fix this out is by BRAINSTORMING. Having a one-on-one conversation with you will help us to know your business, analyze the problem and profile a solution that will work for you.


Is that every business has is own problem, what will work for Mr. A of business XYZ may not work for Mr. B of business DEF because business problems vary from one to another.


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